Car insurance: Allianz draws positive conclusion to the telematics tariff

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For some time there are telematics tariffs in the motor insurance in Germany. As one of the largest auto insurers, Allianz has been rewarding exemplary driving with discounts since May. So far, she is satisfied with the offer. But despite the large savings options, motorists should carefully weigh whether a telematics tariff is worthwhile for them.


Allianz lässt tausende Autofahrer bei der Kfz-Versicherung sparen
Stop frenzy: telematics fares reward defensive driving

More than four months ago, Allianz launched its telematics tariff for motor insurance, the so-called "Bonus Drive". Now it evaluates for the first time the previous development. Since its launch at the end of April, around 8,000 telematics contracts have been signed, with about 300 new contracts each week. For customers, the result is positive: prudent driving will allow four out of five Allianz insured persons to benefit from reduced rates in the future .

Overall, the car insurance by the "Bonus Drive" tariff by 40 percent cheaper . With the help of the necessary accessories, an app and a Bluetooth plug, data about the corresponding driving behavior are collected for each trip. Subsequently, this information is evaluated. At the end of an insurance year, a discount may be granted.

Telematic tariffs: How does the data transfer work?

The car insurance telematics tariffs are based on the collection of journey data. In addition to the driving behavior, driving times, such as duration and time, as well as driving locations, such as inner-city or extra-urban, are determined. As a rule, the values ​​are sent by mobile phone to an external TÜV-certified recipient , who analyzes them and sends the insurer a summarized balance sheet, the so-called "score". This allows the insurance company to make an appropriate classification. The higher the score, the higher the savings .

The data is collected either by means of an app belonging to the tariff in combination with a Bluetooth-enabled telematics stick, which is plugged into the cigarette lighter of the car, or via a black box, which is installed in the engine compartment.

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Who benefits from the discounts through the telematics tariffs?

The novice drivers and young drivers in particular benefit from the telematics tariffs. Because most of these offers are aimed precisely at this target group and have an appropriate age limit. The same applies to the Allianz tariff, which can only be completed up to the age of 28 years. According to the insurance monitor, CEO Frank Sommerfeld states that the insurer intends to expand its offer to other age groups soon . Currently, only the VHV offers older drivers the opportunity to take advantage of their exemplary driving style.

So far insured could save on car insurance, among other things, if they were accident-free for many years and were thus transferred to a higher damage-free class. The telematics tariffs reward low-risk driving . Especially young drivers, for whom the car insurance is often very expensive, will be relieved.

Telematics hotly debated: cost savings versus data protection

However, connected with the telematics tariffs often cook up debates around the data protection . Because the collected data sometimes reveal sensitive information about the driver. Although the various companies emphasize that they only receive bundled information on driving behavior from the external recipient and save the personal data separately. Nevertheless, it is easy for insurers to verify who drove when and when , explains Bianca Boss of the Association of Insured against the MDR. "And nobody knows whether the public prosecutor's office wants to look at a serious accident with a court case, just how you generally drive as a driver, as far as the legal situation allows," she adds.

Added to this are the acquisition costs for the corresponding appliances and their installation, which the policyholder often has to carry himself. For example, the rent for the telematics stick at the VHV is 6.99 euros per month.

Car insurance: Compare tariffs worth it

Basically, motorists can save money by using telematics tariffs for car insurance. However, it is advisable to carry out a precise cost-benefit analysis before concluding the contract and to carefully select the tariff. The new car insurance does not always have to be an offer with supervision. The insurers are turning every year to the price screw. Thus, the change of the previous car insurance to a new classic fare can pay off. A comparison of the different options is therefore worthwhile.

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