Bank loans for individuals: conditions for granting

Bank is a large financial institution, part of the French group of companies Societe General. In Russia, Bank offers a full range of services in the market of legal entities and individuals. In a banking institution you can apply for a loan, create a deposit agreement, get a mortgage. Car loans are handled by the partner organization Rusfinance Bank. In this article we will look at what kind of credit Bank offers for registration, what are the options and conditions in current banking products.

Cash loans for individuals

Cash loans for individuals

You can get a cash loan without a specific purpose. Bank loans are divided into a specific line of offers depending on the needs of the borrower. Consider to begin with a brief lending terms.

The product’s name Available amount, rub. Duration of agreement Interest rate
Big money 300,000 – 3 million 13–60 months 14–21%
Just money without collateral 50,000 – 2 million 13–60 months 16–22.5%
Loan refinancing 50,000 – 2 million 12–60 months 13.5–17%

On such conditions, individuals can take out a loan in Bank . But financial institutions offer more loyal conditions to employees of companies and clients who receive salaries at this bank. Consider all the options separately and tell you how to get a loan.

Big money

Big money


The benefits of processing loans in Bank are customers who receive wages on a card from this banking organization. In this direction, the interest rate for them will vary from 11 to 13% per annum. Employees of the company can get a loan with rates of 12-21%.

Such an agreement is issued on bail. An individual can act as a guarantor, and the transaction can be secured by a car owned by the client. Attract lending is the possibility of spouses. In this case, joint income will be taken into account, which will increase the maximum available amount.

Customers are entitled to provide information on additional, confirmed sources of income. A cash loan application is considered within 2 business days. The bank provides an opportunity when choosing a payment schedule for a borrower to independently choose a convenient date for depositing money. Also, there are no restrictions on the full and partial closure of lending.

Interest rates for individuals:

Loan amount, rub. Rate
<500,000 16–21%
> 500,000 14–19%

Interest rates for payroll clients:

Loan amount, rub. Rate
<500,000 13%
> 500,000 eleven%

Interest rates for employees of the organization:

Loan amount, rub. Rate
<500,000 14–21%
> 500,000 12–19%


As collateral, the borrower has the right to provide your car. Consider in Bank for a cash loan the requirements for the collateral:

  • a car;
  • the owner is the borrower or his spouse;
  • Russian vehicles should be no older than 5 years, while its mileage should not exceed 100,000 km;
  • foreign car is accepted up to 12 years old with mileage up to 200 000 km.

Those who want to form an application for a loan should be over 22 years old, the maximum age at the time of closing the contract should not exceed 65 years, this indicates the availability of credit to pensioners. You must be a citizen of the Russian Federation and have a residence permit in the area of ​​presence of the bank branch.



Consider the list of required documents for a loan in Bank for individuals:

  • passport;
  • certificate of income, which may be: 2-NDFL, sample from Bank , filled by the employer, certificate of income from work, bank statements, certificate of pension, tax declaration;
  • if the loan amount exceeds 400,000 rubles and the client has not provided 2-NDFL, then a copy of the labor will be required.

The guarantor must submit a similar set of documents. If the spouse acts in the loan agreement as a co-borrower, then a marriage certificate is subject to provision.

Just money without collateral

Just money without collateral


The advantage of such a loan in cash is that there is no need to secure the transaction with guarantors and collateral. An online loan application is reviewed within 1 business day. The rest of the terms of the loan are similar to the previous product.

Grade percent:

Recipient Amount, rub. Rate
Individuals <500,000 18–22.5%
> 500,000 16–20.5%
Salary customers <500,000 15%
> 500,000 13%
Bank employees <500,000 16–22.5%
> 500,000 14–20.5%


The conditions for obtaining a loan in Bank remain the same as in the case of the “Big Money” product, except that in this type of loan there is no need for documentation on collateral and surety.

Loan refinancing

Loan refinancing


Refinancing is a service that allows you to repay debts in other banking organizations by processing a loan in Bank . As a rule, such an agreement is drawn up by the borrower, who plans to reduce the overpayment on lending or combine several loans into one. Read in more detail: how to properly refinance a loan in Bank ?

Bank is ready to refinance any type of lending, including mortgages, car loans and credit cards. The client can receive financing that exceeds his debts, use the rest of the money at his own discretion.


Interest rates for different categories of borrowers:

Recipient Amount, rub. Rate
Individuals <600,000 17%
> 600,000 13.5%
Salary customers <600,000 14%
> 600,000 12%
Bank employees <600,000 sixteen%
> 600,000 12%

To obtain a loan is not required to provide a guarantor and collateral. Give lending on the same standard conditions to the borrower. But consider which documents are required additionally:

  • a printout of a certificate stating the amount of the debt, including interest on the loan agreement. Also the payment schedule with the date of the next day of repayment. Such information is needed to Bank in order to transfer the amount sufficient to close the current lending;
  • full details of the account where you want to transfer funds.

These documents may not be enough in each individual case, about which the experts will inform the potential borrower during the registration procedure.

How to apply and get money

How to apply and get money


Consider how to get a loan in this bank in 2018. Credit online can be issued only by phone call. In this application for a call can be ordered through the site. To do this, you need to select the product you are interested in and click on the function “Application for a loan”.

Specify how to contact, contact phone number, time to which you can call, or select the condition of the call “right now”. Specialists will receive an application, consult on current offers and check the possibility of lending. Then you need to go to the office where to provide the documents. The bank will consider applications within 2 business days and invite for final processing.

Lending to legal entities


Another direction of Bank is lending to legal entities. The banking company cooperates with both small and medium businesses and large ones. Consider the conditions on which Bank will give a loan to individual entrepreneurs and legal entities.

Investment loan

The direction of such lending is associated with the acquisition of fixed assets, business expansion and its modernization. An amount is available for financing in the amount of from 1 to 100 million rubles with an interest rate from 11.55 to 15.74% per annum. The loan period is 3 months – 7 years, with early repayment provided for at any stage.

As security, the bank accepts:

  • transport (commercial and non-commercial equipment);
  • real estate (industrial buildings, workshops, offices);
  • equipment (machine tools, production tools).

The credit line is provided both according to the renewable scheme, and in a single version. The schedule is annuity in nature, which allows you to pay the debt in equal parts. The bank guarantees its customers the opportunity to delay payments for six months.

The requirements of Bank include the provision of guarantors as business owners. Therefore, in the role of guarantors should be individuals.

Revolving loan

This is an analogue of an investment loan, which is provided under the same conditions. The difference lies in the duration of the contract, it ranges from 3 months to 2 years. And interest rates may be slightly lower: 11.55–15.46%.


With this service, you can transfer a valid loan from another bank to Bank in order to save overpayment. The amount should be in the region of 2-100 million rubles. The term of the contract provided by Bank is 3 months – 7 years. Rates – from 11.55 to 15.74%. Requires a pledge and surety of individuals.



The service allows you to pay with contractors and suppliers, even if the company has a negative balance, at the expense of loan funds. The bank offers from 1 to 15 million rubles for operating expenses. The term for which the debt must be repaid reaches 1 year. The interest rate varies from 12.22 to 13.12%.

The maximum limit of available overdraft is assigned individually, it depends on the turnover of the company. The amount of borrowed funds can not exceed 50% of turnover. Requirements for borrowers are standard.

Commercial mortgage

With the help of this program, an organization can receive commercial real estate ownership. As a pledge is the subject of the contract. Amount: 1-100 million rubles. Duration: 3 months – 7 years. Rate: 11.55–15.74%.



Under the terms of the contract, you can get both commercial and non-commercial equipment and vehicles that remain in the bank pledge until the debt is repaid. The loan amount starts from 150,000 rubles. The maximum funding limit is 100 million rubles.

You can buy cars of both Russian and foreign production. Special equipment can be obtained from manufacturers from Japan, USA, Russia, Belarus, South Korea and the countries of the European Union.

Down payment ranges from 20 to 30%. Thus it is impossible to buy cars from the category of luxury goods or sports series. The bank also imposes a restriction on the purchase of used equipment and machines.

In order to form an application for any type of lending, it is necessary to select the “Check-in” function in any of the proposed products. The service will ask you to enter contact information and information about the company. After that, a specialist will contact you and advise you in more detail about the conditions and the possibility of lending.

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